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  • How Companies Successfully Respond to Disruptive Change

    How Companies Successfully Respond to Disruptive Change

    Recent history is riddled with famous brands now defunct for their inability to succeed in the face of disruptive industry change. Here’s how a company might avoid joining that list and actually dominate instead. Warning: It’s not easy.

  • Don’t Let Facebook Replace Your Website!

    Don’t Let Facebook Replace Your Website!

    Far too many businesses are using Facebook to replace their website as the core of their marketing presence. This is a huge mistake. Don’t let FB steal your website! Here’s why

  • Priceless Advice If You Sell Stuff Online

    In all my years of business marketing and consulting, it still amazes me how so many companies, large and small miss the mark in one key area: customer service. WTH? So, here is my priceless advice if you sell stuff online. Measure Your Customer Satisfaction Come on, people! It’s just not that hard. You don’t […]

  • Be honest, do your ads suck?

    Most people do not need to be artistic or particularly creative to know an excellent, effective ad when they see one. So, be honest, do your ads suck? Here’s why bad ads are so bad, how you can tell if they reek, and a few things you can do about it. Crappy Ads cost you […]

  • Does your marketing differentiate you?

    When a person visit’s your website or reads your collateral, does your marketing differentiate you from your competition? It’s hard to be objective about yourself. We tend to see what we want to see when we look in the mirror and self-assess. We simply do not see as clearly as a trained outsider sees things. Family […]

  • Wise Social Media Business Choices

    So, you’ve been told you need to pay attention to social media. Great. So, which ones do you pay attention to? How do you make wise social media business choices? Answer: Choose the social outlets or online communities that connect your business with your customers. Small and medium businesses in all industries need to worry about […]