KeyResults is about helping businesses of all sizes achieve more, better, faster, deal with change, and break out of ruts, such as flat growth.

Management and Marketing

Services fall under one of two categories: Management Services or Marketing Services. Management Services are generally focused on the people and operations, whereas the Marketing Services deal with branding, promotion, and communications. And, all of it has to do with meeting our customer's growth objectives

About KeyResults
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Houston Proud

The private company is located in Houston, Texas and has done business with hundreds of companies of all sizes out of its Houston location.


KeyResults got its start as Chris Schaefer & Co in 1974 where its core business was proprietary information systems development, and business operations consulting. In 1995, the Company became KeyResults and began a transition into marketing services as a result of the Internet boom. By the year 2000, the company had completely divested all of its information services business. Finally, we can focus on helping companies in transition manage and market themselves in the Internet Age.

Among First Digital Agencies

KeyResults distinguishes itself among the first truly integrated digital marketing firms in the Country. Another major distinction compared with other traditional agencies is that KeyResults has broad depth in industry experience. And, engagements include hundreds of companies in dozens of industries over the years. The KeyResults clientele list includes many household name brands, as well as specialized niche' and start-up companies. We've branded dozens and dozens of products, services, and organizations...we've even branded people (entertainment and professional athletes)!

Today's Mission

The KeyResults mission has always been about helping businesses grow. But, also it's about more, better, faster, and we find that we are very good at that. Most of all, we're so good at it that we guarantee our work, try finding another firm like ours that guarantees its work.