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KeyResults provides unique marketing communications services and management consulting to businesses dealing with complex or unusual products and services. We specialize in extreme situations and help clients deal with change. We handle business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing and management consulting expertise.

Our extensive range of services includes nearly all strategic, tactical, and creative marketing needs. But most importantly, we have unique hands-on turn-around and upside experience that is almost impossible to find. We are equally comfortable working with highly established brands and new brand formation, whether product or service related. Our customers benefit from our unique experience dealing with historic business extremes and sustained year-one and year-over-year triple-digit growth.

We’ve experienced zero to Fortune 500 faster than any other company in history and zero to multi-billion dollar multinational in less than five years. Along the way, we learned a lot. We did many things very well but missed the mark on many things too. We have a lot of valuable experiences to share to help others navigate the rough path ahead.

Your Competitive Advantage

Clients consider our marketing and management consulting an essential competitive advantage. Several large corporations consider KeyResults an integral part of their marketing department.
Today, our primary focus remains on results for our customers. We empower businesses to achieve effective marketing and sales programs, high-value advertising, professional public relations, and excellent creative services. We offer highly creative and valuable services and remain easy to work with even in times of high stress. It’s easy to do this when you love your job. And we do love ours.

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Among First Digital Agencies

KeyResults distinguishes itself among the first truly integrated digital marketing firms in the Country. Another significant distinction compared with other traditional agencies is that KeyResults has full-depth in industry experience. And engagements include hundreds of companies in dozens of industries over the years. The KeyResults clientele list includes many household name brands, as well as specialized niche’ and start-up companies. We’ve branded dozens and dozens of products, services, and organizations. We’ve even branded people (entertainment and professional athletes)!

Why Houston?

Many times we get asked about Houston as a headquarters location. Most people know Houston for hurricanes, heat and humidity, a big rodeo, the Astros, the Rockets, and the Texans sports teams. The fact is, Houston is a great place. It’s a cultural melting pot with a thriving economy. And, there’s every kind of restaurant known to man, plus outdoor activities like fishing and golf year-round. Furthermore, our major medical center and our International Airport are among the finest in the world. And that makes Houston a great place to be if you travel or get sick.

KeyResults is about helping businesses of all sizes achieve more, better, faster, deal with change, and break out of ruts, such as low growth.

Management and MarketingServices fall under one of two categories: Management Services or Marketing Services. Management Services generally focus on the people and operations, whereas Marketing Services deal with branding, promotion, and communications. And, all of it has to do with meeting our customer’s growth objectives

Today’s Mission:

The KeyResults mission has always been about helping businesses grow. But, also it’s about more, better, faster, and we find that we are very good at that. Most of all, we’re so good at it that we guarantee our work. We challenge you to find ANY other firm like ours that guarantees its work.

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