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KeyResults is a full-service Public Relations (PR) firm located in Houston, Texas. KeyResults offers turnkey professional help in all facets of small to extensive business communications and public relations.

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If you are an established business considering some changes in your communications program, then you have come to the right place. Or if you are a part of a newly formed company or startup, then you’ll be pleased to know that we have helped many new companies over the years and we look forward to sharing that experience with you.

Quality and Timing

What you say and how your company communicates with the outside world is as important as the timing of when you say it. Public relations encompasses so many facets of a company’s communication strategy that it sometimes is easy to overlook the tremendous opportunity for the positive press in the little things you do and accomplish. The various media have a hearty appetite for news on all fronts, and KeyResults understands this. New business, customers, products, locations, services, and other milestones are exciting and important to capture and share with your target audience.

Communicating Bad News

Sometimes all is not roses, and things happen. It is essential during times of crisis to prepare your message with forethought and the guidance of professionals too. Often, negative situations turn into positives simply because of the way you communicate.

Broad Experience

You deserve broad-based business experience. Over the years, our clientele has become diverse, covering many industries. Our expertise spans several industries, including healthcare, finance, entertainment, insurance, real estate, high technology, consulting, distribution, energy, and various manufacturing, to name a few. Though North America is our focus, we do have significant business experience internationally. We believe this gives us valuable perspectives about people on all continents.

Uniquely Positioned

A sound public relations strategy, along with precision execution, need not be complicated. The KeyResults team is geared to interaction with immense fortune 100 companies and small startups too, enjoying equal levels of comfort and success with companies of all sizes and types. Having established ourselves in full-service advertising and marketing agency, we also have the unique opportunity to counsel our clients with these critical areas in mind.

Total Immersion

It is our practice to get so deeply immersed in your industry and internal organization that we become a trusted extension of the core business management team. One client refers to us like a trusted friend.

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to speaking with you about a mutually worthwhile and rewarding experience together.

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How is your company perceived?

Perception is so potent. Your employees, suppliers and your customers all have opinions of your company. Do you know what their understanding of your company is today? Does it match up with your idea of what it should be? If you don’t know…call in a public relations professional and take control.

When was your last News Release?

Most companies have exciting things going on over time: new customers, new products, new services, and new solutions to problems. Make sure to take the time to record and share these events. Stand out and be recognized. Or hire a PR firm to handle this for you. An outsider is more likely to see what you are overlooking as newsworthy.

Does your company have an unfair advantage?

One often overlooked area of opportunity for companies is copyrights and trademarks. Many companies name their products, services, and processes without realizing that they have a chance for competitive advantage. Additionally, they may have potentially high PR exposure, only by choosing and using names and communicating them.