Creative Services

Over the years the KeyResults creative services group has created thousands of brands, logos, web pages, package designs, insignia, monikers, print ads, direct mail pieces, posters, annual reports, lines of script, copy, online ads, social media ads, search ads, landing pages, and commercials.

A Who’s Who of Clientele and Diverse Projects

You name it; KeyResults creative services has been there and done that for dozens of industries, hundreds of different services, and hundreds of product companies.

The company’s we’ve helped include unknown start-ups to household names in the Fortune 100.

Strategic or Conceptual Creativity

Whether your creative services need is a concept or a specific rendering in any media, we are fully equipped to handle your request.

Not really freelancers

KeyResults, as a rule, doesn’t usually accept a la carte’ creative requests, but instead performs creative projects as part of an overall marketing role for its clients. However, it never hurts to ask. If your application is interesting and conveniently timed, we may accept.

Creative Services Capabilities

We are fully equipped and capable of concepts, to production, working with virtually all media and content. Digital or traditional media and even some experimental.

Diverse Talent / No Cookie Cutter

KeyResults has established talent across the USA and abroad, using superb internal management processes for meeting objectives in even the most complex creative brief.


FREE CONSULTATION Graphic Illustration
Color Choices Graphic Design
Photo compositing
Video Editing
Copy Editing
Script Editing
Layout Updates
Sign Concepts
Design Updates
Color Updates / Alternatives Graphic Creations
Photo editing / DAM
Video Rendering / Motion Graphics
Music Creation
Radio / TV Role Scripts
Scenes and Stories
Neon / Banner / Outdoor Signs
Store/ Show Booth Design
Creative Standards / Coordination

You Need Something Good!

We’re accustomed to customers telling us that they need something good, but they have a difficult time articulating what “something good” means. As a rule, they know it when they see it, however.

KeyResults Creative Services is quite okay with that. We have learned several techniques to help creatively challenged people “get it” and ultimately get what they want.

There are very few people who naturally have a knack for the “why” one original brochure layout or poster looks terrific, and another piece seems off-putting. The truth is that great design is appealing to almost everyone universally. It’s in science. It’s the way we humans, most humans anyway, are wired.

Hurry Up And Be Creative

Most true professional artists and designers, no matter what kind, are able to generate results seemingly on demand. Most amateur artists have at one time or another experienced just how hard it can be to be creative on demand just once, let alone day in and day out, every day.

This stuff is hard. Great Creative Services are hard to produce on a whim or a phone call. Sometimes, patience and understanding are required for truly great results. The reward is almost always worth the wait.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than stellar excellence that resonates. We will never settle either. That’s a promise.