Be honest, do your ads suck?

Do your ads suck?

Most people do not need to be artistic or particularly creative to know an excellent, effective ad when they see one. So, be honest, do your ads suck? Here’s why bad ads are so bad, how you can tell if they reek, and a few things you can do about it. Crappy Ads cost you…

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Signs Signs Everywhere Bad Signs

As an Ad Man, my trips anywhere in the car or motorcycle have me shaking my head as I notice signage that either makes the grade or is a complete waste of money for its owner. It boggles my mind just how many really bad signs there are out there in the good old USA. It’s…

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Who is your customer?

So, I had a discussion with a small business owner the other day when the topic of customer profiling came up. No, it’s not anything nefarious. On the contrary, customer profiling brings your marketing into razor sharp focus. Customer profiling answers the question “who is your customer?” Here’s how it works. Some Customers Better Fit…

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