KeyResults services are designed to help companies of all sizes breakout and transition to the next level. To stand out among industry peers using its full complement of business marketing services.

Our unique consulting and services are delivered by top-notch experts in their field who have direct hands-on experience in multiple, even historic, businesses from start-up to multi-national Fortune 50.


Services are customized to your unique business needs. There are rules of thumb, but there are no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, solutions. We comprehend your size, capacities, industry, scope, revenue, economy, organization, and many other factors to best enable a successful outcome for us both.

In general, our services can be broken down into either Management Consulting Services, or Marketing and Promotion Services. Many times there is some overlap, at least for a short time as we assess and understand your objectives.


Complete integrated marketing services. Specialized in businesses that are in transition or leveled off.

Public Relations

Public relations or PR services to assist companies with their public voice including strategies, news releases, and announcements.


Management and delivery of ads, direct mail, email, newsletters, trade shows, printed materials, spec sheets product packaging, insignia, and logos.


Creation and management of business, organization, product or service brand identity and market strategies. We aim and focus your products and services at welcoming markets..

Web Design

We have done website work for some of the biggest names in business since 1996 well before most agencies could spell "the Internet". It's not just about search engines and rankings, it's about selling effectively. 


Great products and services need great visuals and that is especially true whether it's featured on a huge billboard or large format poster at a trade show. We've photographed everything from stadiums to earrings for advertisement.


  • Core Management Team Assessment
    • Is there something missing from your team?
    • Long term success requires specific components
    • Identify what your team needs, and why
  • Organization and Structure
    • Analysis and strategies for leveraging staff better
    • Spreading risk, finding hidden capacity
    • Learn strategies of the great growth companies
  • Morale, Culture & Productivity
    • Attracting (and keeping) the very best employees
    • How to grow em and cultivate high job satisfaction
    • Measuring and improving your company's morale
  • Communicating and Measuring Effectiveness
    • Assessing internal communication effectiveness
    • Creating employee and contractor evangelists
    • What your employees really want, and how to give it
  • Igniting Innovation & Creativity
    • Are ideas really welcome in your company?
    • Develop a clear system for capturing ideas
    • Strategy for embracing "more, better, faster"


  • Marketing Consulting
    • Marketing Strategy and Tactics
    • New Product Marketing
    • Corporate Identity Development
  • Marketing Management
    • Advertising Program / Web / Social Media Management
    • Media Plan
    • Brand Management
  • Public Relations
    • General Public Relations / Communications
    • Crisis Management
    • Articles / PR Events / Publicity
  • Creative Services
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography / Video
    • Copywriting / Scripts



Strategize, research, and report exactly what we are going to do to achieve your objectives and how we'll measure results.



Pull together the pieces of the solution using experts in their respective fields, test, and tune against plan iteratively until confidence is high.



Implement and release while monitoring results while optimizing and tuning in order to steer more effectively to targets planned.