Social Media Challenges for Business

I get it, FB is easy, and there’s a good chance your target audience has the Facebook app on their phone. But FB is nowhere near the value to your business as a maintained website. Not even close. So, don’t let Facebook replace your website! Read on for why you need to spend more time and effort on your website.

You’re off to a good start if…

If you are a business owner who prioritizes your website as the core of your online digital marketing presence at number one and feeding into all other marketing, then you are looking good so far. You are on target, but only if you update your website content regularly with original relevant material while also employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using analytics. By checking all these boxes, you are off to a fantastic start. The final test is whether or not your website feeds and coordinates with all the rest of your digital marketing?

When you publish a post to your website about something interesting, it needs to feed into all of your social media. But only AFTER you published on your website first. Your content must originate at your website before appearing elsewhere. Website first, then FB or YT, etc., with attribution and a link to your website.

If regular email news is part of your digital marketing (it should be!), a teaser and link to each new piece of content should appear in the following outbound email. Using automation to publish your new website content to your various social media and email is brilliant. Using a plugin or service to distribute your newly published content is very wise. You have only to keep up the quality content and cash those checks!

Automation: fast, easy, accurate marketing

Even the smallest business of one or two people have the ability to carry out their full digital marketing strategy regularly and still have time to run their business. How? The key is automation. The idea is that you want to create your content, Text, Images, Video, etc., and publish it on your website and let automation handle distribution to social media. It’s beyond the scope of this article to name all the ways this automation may be accomplished. WordPress websites use plugins for automation and many choices exist. The bottom-line is this: virtually any repetitive task can be automated. The idea is to save you time once you have a routine and a workflow worked out. Not only will automating your social media posts be fast and easy, you’ll also decrease the likelihood of errors due to transposing content. It happens, and it can be embarrassing.

Why is your website most important?

  • You own it. It’s your property. Yours alone.
  • You have full control over all aspects of your content.
  • Content can be presented any way you wish.
  • Your content isn’t competing with 3rd party noise.
  • Communication is a direct link with your audience.
  • Only a browser required from any device.
  • Privacy is preserved.
  • You have complete detailed analytics and metrics.
  • No practical restrictions regarding subject matter

Social media can’t compete with websites

No matter how great your social media channels are doing, your website is WAY more valuable as a long term asset to your business. That’s a simple fact. If you’ve been ignoring your website, I urge you correct that situation. Social media comes and goes and you have very little control over what each does. You have full control over your website and you assume power over all aspects as long as you keep it online. Every time a new TikToc or SnapChat emerges that suits your business audience all you have to do is add it to your automation and you’re done. Should Pinterest or Twitter fail to make sense in the future, it’s easy to remove them from your publishing flow.

I sincerely hope this makes sense to you. If you are a business owner or senior executive that is focused solely on social media and forsaking your website property as some sort of step child, you should fire yourself. You’re blowing it big time. Trust me when I say there is a pile of money falling off the table because you are neglecting your website and failing to put it at the top of your digital presence. So get a move on, fix it.



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