Management Consulting

It’s a fine line between which of the services offered by KeyResults are most valuable to its clientele. Though our firm is generally considered more of a marketing, public relations, and advertising company, it is our management consulting services that stand out to most current and past customers. Why? Well, mainly experience. Our staff has decades of broad business experience in dozens of industries. Also, we have some highly specialized experience ramping from high-tech start-up to multi-billion global company. Producing and selling products and services globally that started as an unknown start-up that grew to a Fortune 100 company in less than ten years. That’s a truly unique experience that few can boast.


Navigating the difficult roads of business requires a team. Nobody, and we mean nobody, can grow a business for sustained and profitable success alone. Even a small Main Street retail shop needs a team. If the company ever aspires to millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue, you are now firmly in the territory best managed by a well-formed team. KeyResults has counseled hundreds of companies on organization, specializing in the core management team. Our technology provides a way to understand the roles required and how to recognize them, or the need for them, in your organization. 

The core management team needs to be balanced for communication, vision, innovation, risk management, leadership, opportunity recognition, and operational line of business skills. Take away any of these attributes and the company is weakened. Absent multiple of the above attributes at the core of a company and you have the recipe for lack of long term success. We know this to be a fact. We can help you fix it.


Change is challenging for most people and organizations. It’s stressful. The unknown is uncomfortable. While there is a percentage of people who thrive on new, different, and change, the fact is they are a small majority. KeyResults understands this and can help a company manage change, whether due to growth, decline, or any other reason, M&A. KeyResults has unique experience in navigating triple-digit growth over the years into the billions of dollars revenue. That experience also includes turn-around and recovery from shocking first-time layoffs. In both cases, the company must press on, and it must have a strategy or rally point that allows moving forward anew. This unique experience goes way beyond the spreadsheets and financial statements and deals with the most valuable assets: People.


Many senior managers roll their eyes at the mere mention of the word. But, ignore the power and positive benefits of feeding your culture, and you’ll be leaving a lot on the table. The best employees are happy employees, which tend to attract more great employees. The reverse is true, as well. Culture is a funny thing; it’s a lot like respect, it must be earned with deeds and consistency over time. Startups have the best opportunity to create a culture from the beginning of the business. As the company grows the challenge shifts to preserving the culture. The higher the growth rate, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the culture. New hires now have a significant impact, especially new managers from the outside. Care must be taken to avoid accidental cultural dilution. KeyResults has significant experience in this area and can help you become the workplace with which the best people want to be associated.


If your parking lot is empty one minute after quitting time, you may have a problem with morale. Happy staff like, or even love, their work and their workplace. Disgruntled or unhappy employees rarely list money as the issue; their positive attitude or outlook isn’t about money. It’s about much more than that. It’s about feeling appreciated, respected, and it’s about forward locomotion, impact, and learning. People love making a difference. Related to culture, low morale is costly in so many ways. And, today’s connected society and social media mean that a company’s low morale spills into the open, repelling fresh new people from the company. KeyResults can assess company morale and devise strategies for changing a negative workplace into a productive and satisfying one.


Dealing with a flat growth pattern in business is challenging and frustrating. Is it stale products? Are we advertising enough? Customer service messed up? Social media hurting us? Maybe it’s the pricing? Frequently, the viewpoint from outside is beneficial. Human nature is to avoid change and to preserve the status quo. KeyResults is uniquely qualified to assess the business and validate the root causes of low or declining growth. Once we know why things are the way they are, we can then formulate options for breaking out to the next level. There are no cookie cutter or off-the-shelf models here. Every company is different. Sometimes the causes are not evident and visible to an otherwise capable internal management team. KeyResults can probe, and ask the hard questions, and help a company make educated decisions for moving forward.