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So Where Are My Website Leads?

So you hired the latest and greatest website SEO guru company to wave their magic wand over your website. They seemed legit, first among equals that have been assailing you nearly every day creating fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) The anxiety they bring happens to correspond with a measurable drop in leads and or sales….

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Who is your customer?

So, I had a discussion with a small business owner the other day when the topic of customer profiling came up. No, it’s not anything nefarious. On the contrary, customer profiling brings your marketing into razor sharp focus. Customer profiling answers the question “who is your customer?” Here’s how it works. Some Customers Better Fit…

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Does your marketing differentiate you?

When a person visit’s your website or reads your collateral, does your marketing differentiate you from your competition? It’s hard to be objective about yourself. We tend to see what we want to see when we look in the mirror and self-assess. We simply do not see as clearly as a trained outsider sees things. Family…

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