Marketing Strategic Planning

KeyResults’ marketing strategic planning services provide the expert guidance your business needs to navigate the seas of competition. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, KeyResults offers turnkey professional help in all facets of strategic business marketing and planning. Whether you are an established corporate giant in need of a tuneup, or a small to medium company experiencing start-up or growing pain, KeyResults is here to help.

Unique Approach

Specializing in innovative for profit business marketing services, KeyResults is experienced in US, European, and Asian markets. You’ll find our practical and systematic approach to marketing strategy development refreshing and rewarding no matter the industry, products, or services. No two businesses are the same, so we make it a practice to explore all opportunities for marketing advantage tailored specifically to your business, organization depth, capacity, and growth needs.

Your Marketing Compass

Dedicated to your success, your newly developed strategic plan for marketing serves an important role, rationalizing your actions and spending based on verifiable facts and figures. It identifies threats and weaknesses that may work to undermine your company’s strengths, and market opportunities. Every business should preserve and revise its strategic marketing plan yearly to keep everyone on the same page, if for no other reason.

Diversity is Good

Over the years our clientele has been diverse, covering many industries. Healthcare, finance, entertainment, insurance, real estate, high technology, consulting, distribution, energy, and various manufacturing to name a few. Though North American marketing is our primary focus, we have significant international business experience too. We believe this gives us useful perspectives about people on all continents.

Hope is Not a Strategy

A great marketing program is as important as ever today. With so much competition, and the increasing costs associated with promotion on top of product or services development, you need to have a plan and a means for testing your execution and effectiveness.

It’s About Results

Success and value are what we are about. It is our practice to get so deeply involved in your industry and internal organization that we become a trusted extension of the core business management team. One client refers to us as a trusted friend.

Staying Tuned In and Relevant

While the fundamental causes behind what motivates a customer to buy from one company over another remain largely unchanged, demographics and expectations have changed substantially. It is as if time is speeding up while our planet shrinks. It is important that your marketing programs stay tuned in and relevant. We pledge to do just that for you…regardless of the media, geography, target customer or industry.

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to speaking with you about a mutually worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Marketing Services

Free Assessment

Your company may qualify for our free marcom assessment and evaluation. Be sure to ask!

What drives your business?

Most businesses are identified internally as being driven by one part of the organization more than any other. Yours may be engineering driven, or sales driven, or even manufacturing driven. The fact is, the most successful businesses over the long term are marketing driven. They spend a great deal of energy on their marketing plans and these ripple through to all other functional areas. Engineering a new product or service without marketing research to support it is a dangerous and potentially expensive exercise.

What business are you in?

It is a common pitfall in business today to lose the forest for the trees. This is particularly true in tech product and sales driven companies. Just because an opportunity presents itself to you in the form of a new widget, or customer need, doesn’t make it viable for commercialization by your company. Without a sound evaluation against your strategic marketing plan, it’s a gamble. It is a potentially expensive gamble.

Are you getting unfair advantage?

One often-overlooked area of opportunity for companies comes in the form of copyrights and trademarks. Countless company’s name products, services and processes without realizing that they have an opportunity for competitive advantage, not to mention potentially great PR exposure, simply by choosing and using names and communicating them.

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