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We’ve been creating websites well before dot com even existed! It’s true. We do have some stories to tell. KeyResults is a web design, website design company. Our customers cover the gamut from small business to Fortune 500. So, with KeyResults you get a high-performance team that understands The Net deeply and who will get you the advantages you seek.

Web, website design company

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Your Website gets found

For most businesses on the Internet, job number one is exposure. No matter how attractive your website, products, pricing, or offer, it’s all for nothing if your buyer prospects cannot see you in the shortlist of choices where they are looking.

Your Website will make a quick positive impression

2.4 Seconds. That’s how long you have to meet expectations and impress a web visitor. Brutal huh? We have all become very impatient when we know what we are after on the Internet. When someone lands on one of your pages, it better match up with their expectations and it better do it fast.

Your Website design will be friendly

People don’t want to think too much when they are surfing. Most of the time your visitors aren’t interested in cute layouts or trying to hunt down obscure links disguised as something else. In short, they don’t want to have to think about how to use your website design to find what they want.

Your modern Website design will be fast

Nothing irritates a website visitor more than having to wait for a slow website, and most of the time they’ll click the back button before the 1st-page loads if they perceive the wait as too long.

Your website will get action

In the end, websites are about causing action. We call them conversions. Most of the time a conversion is either a contact or a purchase. For your website to achieve a high conversion rate, people need to develop enough interest, confidence, and trust to share their identity.

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Creativity is useless if not channeled to our clients’ business objectives. As opposed to seeking creative recognition and industry awards, our aim is achieving results noted and realized by our client, and the incremental growth of their business. When the competition feels it, we win.


Know-how, the amassed knowledge, and skills for effective marketing and communication plan execution. Depth, diversity, and tenacity accurately describe KeyResults broad experience in both traditional and new media advertising.


It is our practice never to represent a client, product, or service that we do not believe in. If we cannot get passionate about our clients and their business, then we are doomed to mediocrity, and as they say in Texas “that dog won’t hunt”. For every ten client prospects evaluated, we accept only 1. Now that’s conviction.

Web Design, Website Design