Internet Marketing Services

KeyResults, an Internet Marketing Firm, Houston, TX, provides strategic Internet marketing and Internet advertising services for businesses.

KeyResults offers a full range of capabilities from consulting to managed oversight.

What kind of help do you need?

  • Research
    • Save time to market
    • Get better-focused results
    • Identify the optimum approach
  • Optimization
    • Optimize to get found
    • Higher sales ratios
  • Plan and Strategy
    • Roadmap detailing tactics
    • Benefit from success secrets of others
  • Branding and Identity
    • Positioning
    • Segmentation
    • Brand management (online & social)
  • Creative and Graphic Design
    • Complete in-house creative
    • New or freshened identity
  • Campaign Management
    • Strict budget control
    • Ad placement
    • Ad rotation and ad split testing
    • Measure and tune for maximum value

In short:

  • Your website is optimized to be found by the most profitable customer prospects.
  • Your website is optimized to build trust and connect with visitors and sell your company.
  • Every detail about your website, and related Internet marketing tactics, are closely monitored daily.
  • You're in complete control at all times.
  • It's the most cost-effective marketing and advertising for most businesses.
  • It's affordable and pays for itself when handled properly.

A Houston Marketing Firm - From Dotcom's Birth

KeyResults has been at the game of Internet marketing and advertising from the beginning of ".com" domains.

KeyResults has created and managed Internet and website marketing strategies and campaigns for some of the most recognized companies in business today.

Get On Top Fast & Stay There

Always in tune with the constant changes, KeyResults guides its clients to achieve superior results with their Internet marketing & advertising strategies.

Avoid common, costly, mistakes

Too many companies focus on search engine rankings while forgetting to evaluate pages for "selling" performance for their website visitors. Search engine rank doesn't matter if your web visitors don't like what they see, or cannot find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Strategies, Custom Tools and Techniques

KeyResults expertly crafts your site for maximum effectiveness using proven proprietary methods and research. If your website content passes muster and meshes with overall positioning, you are ahead of your competition.

Google, by itself, not good enough anymore

A good ranking on Google or Yahoo used to be all you really needed to worry about.  Not anymore. KeyResults helps you navigate the enormous number of Internet marketing opportunities for best fit with your objectives and your budget. From banner ads to social networking to entertainment sites, and important newsletter and email and new media marketing, KeyResults has it covered.

Search engines and directories

It is your content that gets buyers from search engines and other credible referrals. A significant percentage of your website visitors originate as referrals from search engines that index your site. KeyResults carefully assists you in formulating your content to communicate effectively and aid your visitors to find your pages among the billions of others on the Internet. These expert SEO services continue to pay for themselves many times over even with all the constant change that is the Internet.

KeyResults dedicates significant time staying on top of important changes with the major search engines. Frequently, these changes have little effect on our customers' website traffic, but sometimes it is necessary to tune pages to accommodate new policies. Proven methods keeping you current and protect your business.

Customized Strategy Uniquely Yours

There are hundreds of ways to build relevant traffic to your website using Internet marketing advertising techniques alone. But many are no longer effective, so which should you do? KeyResults assembles an internet marketing strategy custom tailored to you that produces verifiable results within your budget.

Watchful guardians, staying current

Nothing remains constant on the Internet. It is critically important to keep a watchful eye on all sites linking to yours to make sure they are current, and it is even more important that someone is watching your website traffic constantly. KeyResults uses sophisticated tools to monitor these and hundreds of other indicators on your behalf to ensure that your website, and your Internet marketing, is performing optimally.

Your website is your most important marketing tool

For most businesses today, your website is probably your single most important marketing tool. As the hub of your marketing efforts, you enjoy knowing exactly who is visiting, what they are looking at, when they are visiting, and how long they are staying. Furthermore, you can track, with a great deal of accuracy, how they were referred to your website. Like no other form of advertising, you can take this information to the bank with the help of KeyResults. Give us a call and let us prove it.

Thank you for stopping by. We'd like to speak with you about your Internet marketing strategy and how KeyResults Internet Services will work for you. Please call us at 281-376-5378 or use our contact form

Internet Marketing

Link Popularity

One method some search engines use to determine page ranking, with all other things being equal, is link popularity. This has become more complex over the years, but essentially, the more links from other websites to yours the better. It is a great idea to seek out other websites that have an interest in your services or content and get them to link to your website.

Treat Your Website Logs Like Gold

Make sure that you have a good handle on your website traffic logs and that you have a sound archival strategy for them. Your logs tell you a lot about what's going on with your website and this valuable information should be treated accordingly. Aggregated, your logs tell you who, when, what, and where information about your visitors in addition to other valuable information. Take care of it!

Don't Get Blacklisted

Do not make the mistake of overdoing your pages with repetitious keywords or phrases or you run the risk of being blacklisted by the major search engines. Once blacklisted, it is difficult to repair the damage done. It is always better to stay conservative and stick with good solid content. Of course, you can always hire an expert to handle this for you if you are unsure about what you are doing.