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Graphic design services for business by KeyResults Houston, Texas offers professional artistic and creative services for all your business marketing and promotional needs.

Your New Perfect Look Here
Specialized high-impact designs and layouts for business selling products and services using the latest techniques and technology.

Print or Web
Skilled in the use of color and shape, KeyResults makes you look good in print, digital, or both.

Advertising graphic designs include:


  • logos
  • letterhead
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • catalogs


  • CD, DVD packages
  • websites
  • postcards
  • Internet ads
  • presentations
  • billboards


  • signage
  • product packaging
  • advertising
  • magazine ads
  • shirts
  • tradeshow displays



Easy & Pleasant Process

Whether you need something new for a fresh look or need to build on some existing art, you’ll find KeyResults easy to work with.

Quickly Get What You Want

Dealing with creative people can sometimes be difficult. We know it’s frustrating for some to explain what you want. KeyResults has a knack for “getting it” and using a “show me” process that makes it easy to hone in on exactly the graphic design you are looking for

Our Ideas or Yours

Got an idea? Meet your new expert art department. Like so many well-known firms, you can rely on KeyResults to bring your idea to life, acting as your right hand man.

Tailored to Your Needs

Large and small companies alike use our graphic design services. Some have their own staff and simply need new ideas or staff augmentation. Others have no artistic staff at all and depend on KeyResults for all of their graphic design services.

Best Tools, Proven Technology

The latest technology and the latest techniques are at your service. From ideas to final we meticulously calibrate all artwork for color accuracy, ensuring that we deliver your chosen shade of color accurately no matter the use.

Future Proof

We support all industry standard formats and work with a huge variety of service bureaus and media companies for your project. Compatibility with the greatest number of graphic choices removes hassle by our use of the most current software and tools. That means your art looks equally crisp and clean on glossy paper, a cardboard box, or a web page.

Branding & Identity

New products or service offering that need branding? No problem. We handle package design, logos, naming, and all the print collateral production that you need. And, if you need help with picking just the right mix of words to speak to your customers, we will handle all of your copy writing needs as well.

Market Research Services

If we need to do a little research for you our marketing expertise is at your disposal to work through the positioning issues and come up with the best plan tailored for you.

Multipurpose Formats Save $ and Time
We make a habit of working smart around here and we are always looking for ways to leverage content for maximum return on investment. One of the ways we do this is by capturing and archiving graphic design work so we can re-purpose its use in various media. Capture it once, and use many times, according to the job. Besides saving you time and money, you achieve flexible and rapid response when those unplanned opportunities that arise.

All Required Equipment
We are able to handle content for multiple uses because we handle nearly all media forms in-house. Media handled include photos, text, video, audio, and graphic art. In the end this means that art, photography, and text captured or created once, then archived for use in many otherwise incompatible ways.

Clients Include Startups & Fortune 100

Some of the most recognized names in business have used KeyResults for their artistic and creative needs. We’d love to show you why. Check out some of the links and look at some of the services our creative team has to offer. Then give us a call today and let’s set up an appointment to discuss your project.

Thanks for stopping by.

Creative Services

Graphic Design Houston Texas


Your company may qualify for our free Marketing Communication assessment and evaluation. Be sure to ask!


The greatest logos are comprised of solid colored shapes arranged in a creative way to compliment your company product or service. By using solid colors the design is portable for the widest variety of media at an acceptable cost to reproduce accurately.

Text as a logo

Great logos do not necessarily have to be graphic shapes, but can be based on interesting text or modified type. The same preference for solid colors holds just as logos however to make reproduction feasible on anything from embroidered hats and shirts to billboards and print ads.

Colors and contrast

Many firms have at least two versions of their logo or business graphics. One set against a light background shade and a second one set against a dark background for versatility. By choosing colors and contrast carefully, your logo or graphic maintains high impact even when printed in a small size.