Business Brochures & Flyers

Custom business brochure keyresults houston tx
Customer business brochure example featuring custom graphics and copy resulting in a handsome, one-of-a-kind marketing piece that just drips professionalism.

Custom business brochures produced by KeyResults in Houston, TX is a superb way to communicate and express your brand. You get professionally produced collateral designed by experts. Since 1995, KeyResults has helped hundreds of companies in dozens of industries communicate what they do, and who they do it for with flair and style.

Custom Business Brochures & Flyers

We design and produce customized business brochures, flyers, data sheets, portfolios, cut sheets, all designed to match a common theme. Your company, products, or services have never looked better to prospects or other important stakeholders.

Simple and Fun Experience

Our unique process is both pleasant and effective, guiding you towards a customer business brochure your company or organization will find useful in countless ways. Over the years, customers large and small find the experience painless and rewarding.

Any Brochure Size or Type

Whether you need a simple tri-fold, or a complete brochure package covering many products or services, you’ll find everything needed to complete any sized project from concept to finished product.

Complex and Specialized? No problem

KeyResults specialize in complex and abstract products and services. The secret to our success in both technology and complex services over the years originates from our marketing consulting expertise in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and high tech. Not only do we love complex businesses and products, but we also help services companies really well too. No matter what you sell, we’ll help you do it better.

custom business brochures for complex products and services
We specialize in producing professional brochures and other sales & marketing collateral for even the most complex or specialized products & services.

One Stop Shop

We handle as much or all of your custom business brochures development as you wish. Some larger companies may already have specific text, graphics, or photos and just want a new layout and color scheme. No problem. Other companies want us to handle all aspects of the content development with light incremental involvement. Also no problem. We are extremely flexible. We can even arrange for all the printing and delivery! Whatever you require, we’ve got you covered.

Your Own Unique Look

Sales and marketing efforts will benefit from having your own distinctive and unique look. Your custom business brochures text and supporting photos and or graphics will speak volumes about your products and services. There will be no confusion about who you are and what your company does. Details matter, impressions matter, and it all adds up to separate the winners from the crowd.

What’s Included?

  • Initial Consulting
  • Access to our layout library to help us (and you) uncover design preferences
  • Materials and interview to get background on company, product, or service offerings
  • Graphic design, photo services, and copywriting as needed
  • Stock photo search and prep services
  • Up to 3 drafts
  • Finished press ready copies optimized for print and emailing

Custom Brochure Pricing

Pricing for your custom brochure depends upon several factors that we establish quickly during our first conversation about your project. Mostly it depends on a combination of estimated time required to deliver satisfying results and a listing of the components required such as graphics, photos, or other supporting elements. Many times our clients have some of the needed photos, but not all and we either arrange to have photos taken or we source photos from one of our stock agencies. This includes required licensing and post production to size, crop, and process them for our purposes.

Quick Quotation

You’ve got nothing to lose by pinging us and getting a speedy quote on your custom business brochures today. We’ll normally turn a quote to you minutes after we fully understand what you want. It’s painless and cost you nothing. So please contact us today, you’ll be glad you did.