Professional Business and Sales Presentations

Custom crafted business and sales presentations by KeyResults in Houston, Texas make you look good in the eyes of your audience. If you have an important presentation date approaching and you want it to be a special experience, then your search for the right help has now ended.

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Content Creation Experts

Experts at content generation, KeyResults discreetly produces important business presentations for some of the most recognized names in the business. Consequently, you’ll find KeyResults presentations used in company meetings, stockholder meetings, sales meetings, customer briefings, trade shows, new business and new product announcements and more.

Your Fine Tuned Message

The successful business or sales presentations start with great content organized properly for your intended audience. The KeyResults team will guide you through an interview designed to extract the best possible content to communicate then organize that content for you in a polished and professional look. The finished product is always logical and comprehensive using just the right number of visual and interactive features to get your message across effectively.

Speaker Coaching, or Speaker For Hire

Years of international business presentation background and experience prepare KeyResults staff to coach and guide you and your team on the delivery too. Timing, and supporting notes for maximum audience understanding go with the finished presentation. In fact, our experience professional speakers will even deliver the presentation on your behalf should you need help in the delivery.

Serious Professional Technology and Production

The technology used to assemble and deliver high-end business presentations includes the widely used PowerPoint, HTML 5, SilverLight, Adobe as well as other ingredients for delivery of interactive content effectively. Furthermore, we use Excel, and other software to produce and present effective charts and graphs too. Photos, video, graphics, audio and clearly written text all combine in a pleasing way to carry the image you want to extend to your target audience.

Related Printed or Digital Collateral Too

Business presentations usually include some “leave behind” materials regardless of the purpose. This might include a simple printed copy, great for making notes as you cover the material. Or, you might want to provide a digital copy of the material on CD-ROM or DVD, another great way to include added supporting information and relevant content or collateral. KeyResults handles this task as part of the project too, well equipped to produce all audience materials and packaging.

Online and Email Friendly Options

Increasingly popular, the Internet presentation is another medium for business presentation delivery. With obvious advantages, the widest possible audience can view your presentation at their convenience, at their own pace from anywhere in the world. KeyResults carefully considers network delivery when pulling together your business presentation to heighten performance in all delivery environments.

No Idea What To Say? No Problem!

Struggling for content? Not sure what to say? Approach got you stumped? No problem. Let KeyResults’ creative team guide your way to presentation success. We’ve seen it all and know the traps and pitfalls to avoid, ensuring that your pitch is a keeper and not a snoozer. Even if you already have a completed presentation, consider calling on KeyResults professionals to critique your material. Have the confidence and peace of mind that your business presentation is much more than merely good enough. Stand out!

Stand Out! Call KeyResults Today

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Presentation length?

Because audiences get bored so quickly, we encourage a limits on bullets, bullet length and pages. For example, one good rule of thumb is to allow 10 mins per slide on average for a Powerpoint presentation.


How many bullets?

Use more slides and fewer bullets for improved clarity. Try to keep the number of bullets to about 5 or 6, and use larger fonts too.


Pictures are great, however…

Be sure to tailor your photos for the way your presentation is delivered. Hi-res images are completely wasted in screen or internet presentations, therefore they make the file size many times larger than it needs to be. This makes the page load much slower because there is so much more data being served. Slower pages results in short attention span visitors hitting the back button and leaving your site. Save a print version with the hi-res graphics separately.