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Radio Advertising Services by KeyResults Houston handles all aspects of getting you on the Radio and getting your message out.

KeyResults handles all facets of radio advertising services in Houston, Texas and other big cities as a part of its wide variety of turnkey advertising services. Radio advertising doesn’t make sense for all advertisers, but radio is an effective and surprisingly affordable advertising vehicle properly handled.

KeyResults coordinates production of the commercial spots and also handles the research, planning, scripting and sourcing for its clients.

While it almost never makes sense to let radio stations script your commercial, they are normally well equipped to produce the piece with their equipment.


Your radio advertising strategy should directly target active listeners. As a rule, radio advertising has less impact when used in program slots where background content plays and the target audience is passively listening. KeyResults identifies those stations and programming slots that not only have an active listening audience but, an audience that also fits your marketing target demographic.

Smart Spending

You can spend large sums of money on prime-time 30-second radio spots at advertised rates, but sometimes it’s more sensible to negotiate discounted rates for slots running in less popular time slots and stations. This strategy potentially touches more people with more frequency, yielding a greater bang for the buck.

Effective ROI

Radio advertising rates remain cost-effective, lagging behind newspaper advertising and direct mail advertising for smaller businesses in a localized area such as Houston. It has the advantage of “touching” the audience better than print because they associate a voice, taglines, and jingles with your company. Also, when a recognized local personality voices your commercial there is an implied trust transferred to your organization by association.

Tireless & Smart

Regardless of your needs, KeyResults brings a wealth of business building experience to the table on your behalf. Our tireless expert staff is ready to develop a multi-pronged approach to your advertising program yielding verifiable results.

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Creativity is useless if not channeled to our clients’ business objectives. As opposed to seeking creative recognition and industry awards, our aim is achieving results noted and realized by our client, and the incremental growth of their business. When the competition feels it, we win.


Know-how, the amassed knowledge, and skills for effective marketing and communication plan execution. Depth, diversity, and tenacity accurately describe KeyResults broad experience in both traditional and new media advertising.


It is our practice never to represent a client, product, or service that we do not believe in. If we cannot get passionate about our clients and their business, then we are doomed to mediocrity, and as they say in Texas, “that dog don’t hunt”. For every ten client prospects evaluated, we accept only 1. Now that’s conviction.

Radio Advertising Services Houston