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KeyResults is a direct mail advertising company in Houston, TX. KeyResults expertly covers the gamut of solutions for today’s business direct mail needs regardless of project size or complexity.

Direct Mail Strategy to Production

Starting with strategic planning and creative services, KeyResults develops a campaign and package suitable for your budget and purpose. Our production services assure that your package is produced and prepared for delivery according to your job specification. And, we follow fulfillment to be sure your piece or package gets in the hands of named customers on a timely basis.

Direct Mail Advertising Works

Direct mail continues to be an effective tool for targeted marketing and advertising even with the media choices available. Large and small businesses alike successfully market and communicate with their customers every day using direct mail.

All Types of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising takes many forms. Simple postcards, elaborate folding pieces, envelopes of various sizes, CD-ROMs and DVD’s, and even specialized packaged samples of products. No matter the form, KeyResults is expertly prepared to handle any of your direct mail campaign needs.

Direct Mail Lists

Direct mail is only as effective as the list. Even the best-designed content, offer and packaging delivered to the wrong audience is destined for failure. You may as well be burning money because your response rates will be horrible. Poor results are so common and expensive, it’s no wonder so so many businesses frown upon direct mail. The KeyResults team pulls together lists from many quality sources and helps you pull your own mailing list program together that stays fresh and current. Your website is an excellent way to allow prospects and customers to stay informed about your company and to preserve their contact information for mailers.

Perfect For You

If direct mail advertising is a form of marketing new to you, or if your current campaigns are not yielding the results you feel you should, please give us a call. We will set up a consultation and discuss ways that KeyResults can help kick your program up to snuff.

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Free Assessment

Your company may qualify for our free marketing assessment and evaluation. Be sure to ask!

Direct Mail Testing

There are entire texts devoted to DM and all of them devote substantial space to the important topic of testing. Essentially, testing pits two or more versions of a DM piece against the others, tracking response ratios using a variety of coded techniques. Testing is the difference between ok and great direct mailers.

Mailing lists

Acceptable response rates depend on many factors, chief among them: the mailing list. Quality mailing lists are not inexpensive, and like fruit, they have a limited shelf life. KeyResults will source great lists for you, and you can be sure it will be relevant. And, we’ll devise strategies to leverage the list fully, as well as ways to keep it fresh and updated. KeyResults implements steps to compile and maintain your own internal mailing list too and thus improving ROI.

The offer and call to action

KeyResults makes the meat of your direct mail piece a compelling offer once you’ve built up interest in your product or service. Free offers and various risk removing tactics continue to carry the load for direct mail copywriters to this day. The ever important call to action may seem obvious to many, but it’s a surprisingly common mistake to omit one. KeyResults direct mail experts know how important it is to direct prospects to some kind of action. And, many times that action is a key metric to help us determine campaign success.

Direct Mail Advertising Company in Houston, TX