Billboard advertising is an excellent way to reach out and touch potential customers for various local and national advertisers. On the significant interstates of Houston, 266,000 cars pass by daily.

Reach commuters despite phones and iPods

Billboards advertising, also called outdoor advertising, remains an effective mass communication for many organizations and companies. Billboards are a highly targeted advertising method in specific geographical terms. KeyResults understands billboard advertising and is equipped to take care of your needs. Should this form of advertising fit your program, give us a call. If you’re not sure if outdoor advertising is for you, we can help you to answer that question.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Big or Small – Any Industry – National or Local

KeyResults deals with a diverse customer base of varying size, from Fortune 100 to startups alike. You will find a high comfort level and professionalism with KeyResults regardless of your company’s size. Moreover, no matter the service you need, we are equipped to handle your billboard campaign expertly from idea to creative to site selection and scheduling.

The one-stop shop handles it all painlessly

Our abilities are substantial, and you will enjoy working with your contact manager as we pull together your campaign. Internal expertise encompasses all facets of advertising, including text or copywriting, photography, graphic art, color correction and retouching, overall design and layout. We’ll coordinate activities to reduce disruption to your business too, using any existing content or fixed branding rules you have in place. Making use of existing content saves time and money on production. That means more ad dollars went for placement and extended the exposure time.

You get the latest and greatest

Billboard advertising has not changed fundamentally in the past 50 years. However, the delivery mechanisms and the means for creating the content have changed dramatically, even during the past five years. The digital age is on us, and everything from photos to the printing presses is changing rapidly. You can take pride knowing that KeyResults preserves its expertise in all relevant techniques and technology you need for outstanding results.

You’ll enjoy working with KeyResults

As much as we try to plan, opportunities knock, and things happen that affect scheduling. At KeyResults, we understand this and take measures to remain flexible and light on our feet at your service so you can overcome unplanned obstacles or pounce on opportunities. However, perhaps our greatest asset is excellent communication. Great communication means you get what you want, when you want it with no surprises, no matter how big or small the project.

Got more questions?

Please pick up the phone and give us a call or use our handy contact form and tell us about your needs today. You’ll be glad you did.

Billboard Facts:

Billboard Pricing (Budgetary Estimates)

A top tier billboard on a major interstate In Houston, TX costs $4500 and $6600 per month per face. The “vinyl” poster costs approx $900 to produce, and they are re-useable. Of course, unless you already have the artwork in the proper format, you’ll need to factor in the creative and graphic design cost too.

Billboard Lead Time

Factor in 35 days from the moment artwork is ready, and to get a signed contract in place with the billboard owner. On the conservative side, more time is always better, especially if your chosen location is in high demand.

Got a location in mind?

Be sure to note as much specific information about the spot or the particular billboard as you can. Particularly the owner, number the highway, street, or intersection. Also, don’t forget which direction the side you want is facing. That should help get availability from the owner quickly.

How does the Agency get paid?

We cannot speak for other ad agencies or marketing firms, but KeyResults gets paid with fees charged for work done on your behalf. If we manage your advertisement, we charge a nominal markup, the amount of which depends on how much business we are doing together. We do not take any media commissions, so there is never any doubt in your mind about our allegiance or conflicts of interest. We are paid hourly, by the project, and even a percentage of revenue incentive.

Billboard Advertising Houston, TX