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Advertising in today’s business world comes with its share of complexities, and that is where KeyResults advertising management services come to the rescue. If you’re running the same old ad in a single trade journal monthly, then you probably have a grip on the workload. But, if you are a more aggressive advertiser, leveraging multiple media outlets, you can get into a mess in a hurry. We can help.

Expert Advertising Management

Regardless of the size of your advertising management challenge, KeyResults will help you manage your affairs better and more efficiently. We’ll keep track of ad placement, content production, discount opportunities, response rates, and rotation for all of your advertising placements.

No More Hassle

Most small to medium companies understand the importance of advertising and promoting their brand, products, and services in a mix of media formats. But as the mix grows, so too does the hassle of keeping up with all the deadlines, ad testing, updates, reporting, and more. KeyResults offers many options to relieve you of all the hassle, but retaining all the control and performance, you expect.

Reporting and Performance

KeyResults advertising management services include an analysis that makes the big wheels in any company happy with regular reports on ad response and costs, in easy to understand graphical reports for all measurable media outlets including the Internet. This information can be tied into your accounting and correlate with sales and marketing too, giving your team an excellent and valuable review of advertising campaigns and their effectiveness. Together, we’ll adjust your campaign to run with our successes and jettison the poor performing ads.

Expert Advice

For new or younger, but growing company’s, KeyResults is there to help you put your marketing plans into action by consulting on your marketing communications plan. You’ll have confidence that your advertising plan is sound and the ball won’t be dropped along the way.

Super Easy

As much as we try to plan, opportunities knock, and things happen that affect scheduling. At KeyResults, we take measures to remain flexible and light on our feet. We remain at your service so you can overcome unplanned obstacles or pounce on opportunities. But perhaps our greatest asset is excellent communication. Great communication means you get what you want, when you want it with no surprises, no matter how big or small the project.

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Free Marketing Assessment

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Creativity is useless if not channeled to our clients’ business objectives. As opposed to seeking creative recognition and industry awards, our aim is achieving results noted and realized by our client, and the incremental growth of their business. When the competition feels it, we win.


Know-how, the amassed knowledge, and skills for effective marketing and communication plan execution. Depth, diversity, and tenacity accurately describe KeyResults broad experience in both traditional and new media advertising.


It is our practice never to represent a client, product, or service that we do not believe in. If we cannot get passionate about our clients and their business, then we are doomed to mediocrity, and as they say in Texas, “that dog don’t hunt.” For every ten client prospects evaluated, we accept only 1. Now that’s conviction.