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Let KeyResults professional copywriters take your product and services writing to new heights. Our process makes most projects a pleasant experience that makes a measurable difference in print, broadcast, outdoor, and online or social media.

Writing words that sell is advertising copywriting and selling is at the core of all KeyResults' advertising copywriting services to our customers. From billboards to catalogs, or brochures to high-end presentations, and direct mail to web pages, what you say and how you say it matters. Your ad copy is the difference between you and the rest of the field. More times than not, it is in your text that new prospects embrace you and interest created.

A Pleasant & Proven Process

Expert advertising copywriters do their homework to get the needed background information about you, your target audience, and your industry. They become subject matter experts in painting a great picture of your products and services in the minds of your customers. Armed with solid research, we'll recommend an approach and style that we believe best suits your company, product, or service. While sometimes less is more, many times people want as much information as they can get if that information presents itself well.

Educate and Differentiate

Painting a picture with words that show products and services at their best is the job of great advertising copywriting. More than just features and benefits, your text should create interest, or even need, in place if indifference. Leave the prospective customer better educated and satisfied with the time spent. Also, where suitable, leave the prospect feeling that yours is the best solution beyond any doubt.

Multi-national Experience

You deserve multinational experience when it comes to advertising copywriting. KeyResults has that international experience too. Writing the text for some of the most recognized and successful company's in the world has prepared us for just about anything you can throw at us. From tennis shoes to computers, software to consulting and healthcare, we've been there and done that. Moreover, what's more, from English to Portuguese and every language between, we have the means and experience to get your message across no matter where your customers call home.

Advertising Copywriting for All Media

As well as traditional print media, KeyResults offers significant expertise dealing with Internet and website design, and other digital media delivery methods too. Internet development and promotion have been an integral part of our business well before the dot-com boom. Excellent copy works well regardless of the medium.

Writing for All Marketing Needs

New products? No problem. We handle package design, logos, naming, and all the collateral production that your customers need. So if you need help with picking just the right mix of words to speak to your customers, we will handle all of your copy needs too. If we need to do a little research for you, our marketing expertise is at your disposal to work through the brand strategy, and market positioning to come up with the best plan tailored for your success.

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Copywriting Tips from KeyResults


Headlines are the hooks with which good advertising copywriters go fishing for sales. It is not uncommon to spend as much time on the headlines as all the rest of the text combined. Headlines are essential in Ads, and they deserve much attention.


For products, it is almost always good to devote some space to presenting useful and accurate specifications. Stick with customary specs for the industry, but don't be afraid to highlight standout specs. Especially amplify specs that give you the edge while minimizing those less favorable.


Photos accompany most advertising, and we believe this is a good practice. Be sure to caption photos with solid copy that informs the prospect about the picture, and chose photos that complement the material covered.


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