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Top 20 ranking no accident in Google search results

KeyResults has done this since 1995, before most companies were even aware of search engine optimization or SEO.

High ranking doesn’t matter for big brands

But for nearly everyone else it sure can help you to connect with those customers who know what they are looking for…especially locally. It’s the new yellow pages, but for a much larger and smarter customer. Big brands pump millions into “pushing” people into their websites by accociation…for the rest there’s search engines and directories and pay per click ads.

The challenge for DIY SEO is getting tougher

It’s hard to maintain an advantage these days, but it’s double hard for businesses with lots of competitors. KeyResults uses proprietary tools and methods to find the cracks and connect you with your best prospects efficiently. Our customers benefit from clear competitive advantages as we continuously tune and follow trends and market behavior.

Pay per click only 1/4 as good as organic

More than 75 % of Google searchers will click an organic list over a paid or sponsored listing. Perhaps your among this group. The reasons are varied, but the important thing here is that by not achieving good relevant ranking for your website you are losing out on 3/4 of the prospects! It matters. It matters a lot.

The best keyword phrases are not so obvious

People have an amazing knack for surprising even the most savvy and intuitive web marketer with unusual web searches. What this means is that most businesses, 80 % in fact, get it wrong and don’t know it. We have learned a long time ago not to depend too much on what we think or even what you the customer thinks about search terms. What matters is what real customer prospects actually do! So that’s how we achieve so much success so quickly with new clients. How we do our thing is a secret, so don’t bother asking about techniques. Just know that we’ll be happy to help you when you’re ready to hire us.

Too much seo tweaking hurts more than helps

It may seem that cramming your pages with more synonyms than a thesaurus would help improve your status with Google or Yahoo, but you’d be very wrong. And worse, you may really do some damage that you’ll have trouble repairing. The big search engines’ systems have gotten pretty darned smart about recognizing when they are being manipulated in a “black hat” way and punish those that try severely with bad rankings. You may not realize your doing something wrong, but it doesn’t matter. If you decide to do it yourself, just remember to write it well for humans and you’ll never go wrong. If in doubt call and get some advice first.

Content remains king

There is absolutely no substitute for great well written information relevant to what you do. People all over the world are constantly prowling the website for accurate useful information. It doesn’t take long for great content to get discovered and linked from other sites. This is where Google and others reward you handsomely with great rankings. Google figures that when credible and prominent websites link reference your page it must be good stuff. This doesn’t mean that more links is always good, they must be the right links or they actually don’t help you at all.

We connect your Website with your prospects

It’s as simple as that. We work very hard and continuously improve your website’s chances of being found by the perfect customer prospect when they use a search engine or directory to find what they are looking for. That is precisely what SEO is all about.

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Link Popularity

One method some search engines use to determine page ranking, with all other things being equal, is link popularity. This has become more complex over the years, but essentially, the more links from other websites to yours the better. It is a great idea to seek out other websites that have an interest in your services or content and get them to link to your website.

Treat Your Website Logs Like Gold

Make sure that you have a good handle on your website traffic logs and that you have a sound archival strategy for them. Your logs tell you a lot about what’s going on with your website and this valuable information should be treated accordingly. Aggregated, your logs tell you who, when, what, and where information about your visitors in addition to other valuable information. Take care of it!

Don’t Get Blacklisted

Do not make the mistake of overdoing your pages with repetitious keywords or phrases or you run the risk of being blacklisted by the major search engines. Once blacklisted, it is difficult to repair the damage done. It is always better to stay conservative and stick with good solid content. Of course, you can always hire an expert to handle this for you if you are unsure about what you are doing.