Public Relations

Public relations services by KeyResults include all facets of company and business communications from strategic decisions affecting industry or public opinion, to communications involving various media including broadcast, print, and Inter-Web.


Every company should strive to use news releases to communicate major events of interest to stakeholders and industry players. Well crafted news releases show a professionalism that elevates a business in so many ways. Future employees will likely have performed a search before accepting an offer. Future suppliers, investors, and other business suitors will see a pattern of decisive activity from a company going places. KeyResults will help you devise a road map communications plan, and if necessary developing milestones that are newsworthy, then crafting their delivery to coincide with impact events in your industry.


We offer services aimed at developing a company’s credibility in their respective industry by way of white papers, essays, op ed pieces, and articles for trade journals and magazines. These frequently are technical in nature and may be combined in a advertorial manner by agreement with publication or producer staff. Credible new processes and technologies are always of interest to industry watch dogs and investors not to mention future staff considering their next career move. KeyResults believe many businesses can significantly build their credibility and perceived leadership through the use of meaningful well conceived papers and articles.


KeyResults staff have direct experience as corporate spokespersons at the Fortune 100 public company level. We understand the importance of chosen words and tone.

It’s not what you say, but what people hear. We craft and even deliver communication that comprehends this important tenet thoroughly.


Nothing tests a company like a crisis. Once a customer called us early in the morning and before even saying hello barked “you near a tv”?

we replied, “yes, what channel?”

“It doesn’t matter, any of them…”

That was a the beginning of a very busy day indeed. It’s turns out a subcontractor company’s employee blew himself up while welding a tank on my client’s manufacturing company property. It was a tragic accident. But, the media was on it in minutes, literally. We took care of everything, and the company was back online that afternoon. It could have been messy, but we dealt with the accident head on and calmly with a plan.

Services are available hourly or by retainer