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KeyResults offers marketing research services as a full-service advertising and marketing agency in Houston, Texas. Set up as Chris Schaefer and Company in 1976. KeyResults offers turnkey professional help in all facets of business marketing, advertising, creative, and PR. If you are a business considering some changes in your marketing or advertising program then you have come to the right place.

Marketing Research Services


  • Primary market research
  • Secondary market research
  • Dial Sessions
  • Business surveys
  • Strategic marketing research
  • Sales research
  • Focus groups


  • Secondary market research
  • New product research
  • Business relocation research
  • Service evaluation
  • Tactical marketing research
  • Customer service/quality research
  • Blind testing


Customized Marketing Research

Your specific marketing research needs will be met by expert staff experienced in tailoring programs to your key objectives. Whether you are at the idea stage or the pre-release stage of a fully developed product, service, or other initiatives, KeyResults has the experience and know-how to get decision support information collected quickly and discreetly.

Broad and Shallow, or Deep and Narrow

Specializing in innovative for-profit business marketing services, KeyResults is a perfect fit for team-oriented product and services companies. Building businesses and relations have a lot in common. Continuing long-term success takes trust, teamwork, chemistry, and hard work. Your products or services matched with our research, planning, creativity, and execution, equate to an unfair advantage over your competition.

One Stop Shop

As a well-equipped full-service marketing agency, we can handle all of your strategic and tactical marketing needs. From strategy, planning, and research, to organization, budgeting, and integration with your sales force you have a menu at your disposal. The menu is a good simile as you can take only the services your company needs. This creates a great fit for both midsize and large companies that need to supplement existing staff. We invite you to let us spend a short time with you. Let us show you what we are about and what we can do for you.

Diverse Experience

Over the years our clientele has been diverse, covering many industries. Healthcare, finance, entertainment, insurance, real estate, high technology, consulting, distribution, energy, and various manufacturing to name a few. Though North America is our focus, we do have significant business experience internationally. We believe this gives us useful perspectives about people on all continents.

A great marketing program is as important as ever today. With so much competition, and the increasing costs associated with promotion on top of product or services development, you need to have a plan and a means for testing your execution and effectiveness.

Success and value are what we are about. It is our practice to get so deeply involved in your industry and internal organization that we become a trusted extension of the core business management team. One client refers to us as a trusted friend.

Stay Relevant

While the fundamental causes behind what motivates a customer to buy from one company over another remain largely unchanged, demographics and expectations have changed substantially. It is as if time is speeding up while our planet shrinks. It is important that your marketing programs stay tuned in and relevant. We pledge to do just that for you…regardless of the media, geography, target customer or industry.

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to speaking with you about a mutually worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Free Marketing Assessment

Your company may qualify for our free marketing communications assessment and evaluation. Be sure to ask!

How are you perceived?

Perception is so very powerful. Your employees, suppliers, and your customers all have opinions of your company. Do you know what their perception of your company is today? Does it match up with your idea of what it should be? If you don’t know…call in a public relations professional and take control.

News Releases: When was your last one?

Most companies have interesting things going on over the course of time. New customers, new products, and services, new solutions to problems. Make sure to take the time to record and share these events. Stand out and be recognized. Or hire a PR firm to handle this for you. An outsider is more likely to see what you are overlooking as newsworthy.

Are you getting an unfair advantage?

One often overlooked area of opportunity for companies comes in the form of copyrights and trademarks. Countless company’s name products, services, and processes without realizing that they have an opportunity for competitive advantage, as well as potentially great PR exposure, simply by choosing and using names and communicating them.

Marketing Research Services