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Managment Consulting Services full-service management consulting services, based in Houston, Texas, offer turnkey professional management and marketing consulting services aimed at business to business marketing. Experts across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses from start-ups to Fortune 100.

KeyResults marketing consultants are highly skilled experts in branding, positioning and all forms of marketing planning and marketing plan development for businesses large and small, old or new. If you are a business considering some changes in your marketing program and you are looking for a objective outside marketing consultant to help guide you then you have come to the right place.

Quick, Powerful Marketing Results

As strategic marketing consultants, above all else, KeyResults marketing clients appreciate the quick results and effective immediate action afforded them over the years. Even for our creative services and advertising services clients, it all starts with a marketing plan based on accurate marketing research, and expert marketing consulting culled from decades of experience. Positioning and branding are critically important to effective and consistent marketing communications that accomplishes its objectives. KeyResults is highly skilled at helping you figure out and articulate who you are, what you do, who you it for and why they need it versus the other guys so the best of the customers, the customers you really want, choose you.

You’ll always know how we’re doing

The best and most effective marketing firms know business marketing involves measurement, feedback, and testing. Otherwise, how do we know which things are working? Growing sales is certainly a great measure and nice to have, but we need more detail than just positive sales growth. KeyResults methods for measuring and testing campaigns are among the best and most accurate methods available. KeyResults’ proprietary Internet marketing and Website marketing reporting is incredibly useful to all levels of management; but especially the Owner or CEO. Great marketing is equal parts science and art, left brain and right brain!

You need to stand out and be understood

Specializing in innovative business marketing services, KeyResults is a perfect marketing services company for product or services companies in a variety of industries. In fact, one of our greatest assets is the long list of key industries and segments served over many years. Looking outside your industry as well as within can give you a substantial edge over competitors who fall victim to the common mistake of copying each other. KeyResults is a marketing firm that helps you standout in the crowd of equals and the status quo. Your marketing firm must help you communicate your unique value and advantages to the target customers you seek. This classic marketing is a long term thing (even with good short term benefits) Continuing long-term success takes trust, teamwork, chemistry, and hard work. Your products or services matched with our research, planning, creativity and execution, equal unfair advantage over your competition.

We do it all if that’s what you want and need

As a well-equipped full-service marketing agency, we can handle all of your strategic and tactical marketing needs. From strategy, planning and research to organization, budgeting and integration with your sales force you have a menu at your disposal. The menu is a good simile as you can take only the services your company needs. This creates a great fit for both midsize and large companies that need to supplement existing staff. We invite you to let us spend a short time with you. Let us show you what we are about and what we can do for you.

Diverse experience, better perspective

Over the years our clientele has been diverse, covering many industries. Healthcare, finance, entertainment, insurance, real estate, high technology, consulting, distribution, energy, and various manufacturing to name a few. Though North America is our focus, we do have significant business experience internationally. We believe this gives us useful perspectives about people on all continents.

Great marketing is just good business

A great marketing program is as important as ever today. With so much competition, and the increasing costs associated with promotion on top of product or services development, you need to have a plan and a means for testing your execution and effectiveness.

KeyResults is “the guy”

Success and value are what we are about. It is our practice to get so deeply involved in your industry and internal organization that we become a trusted extension of the core business management team. One client refers to us as a trusted friend.

While the fundamental causes behind what motivates a customer to buy from one company over another remain largely unchanged, demographics and expectations have changed substantially. It is as if time is speeding up while our planet shrinks. It is important that your marketing programs stay tuned in and relevant. We at KeyResults pledge to do just that for you …regardless of the media, geography, target customer or industry.

Stand out. Be heard. Be understood. Grow. Contact us today!

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Free Assessment

Your company may qualify for our free marketing communications assessment and evaluation. Be sure to ask!


What’s Your USP?

What is your unique selling proposition? And, equally important, is it effective and compelling? Having a quality USP does more than distinguish you from the field of competitors. It gives your entire sales team a foundation to rally around, and it helps your customers voice why they choose you over others..

Be the “Kleenex” of tissues

You have reached a major milestone when your brand, product or service becomes THE standard in the eyes of the customers’ terminology. Too many companies squander opportunities to leverage trademark for their goods and services. Identify yours and act on them for significant unfair advantage in any industry.

Who are your closers?

Even the best marketing program is rarely effective without excellent sales. Good marketing explains the position, strategy and plan, effectively lining up the potential business and create interest. But it’s all for not without the close. We believe most salespeople are not true closers. Who is your closer?

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