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KeyResults creative services are the heart of our innovative full-service advertising and marketing agency in Houston, TX. Your company can take advantage of our creative team just as so many of Americas most recognized names in business have done over the years. Creative services are the tactical and strategically important part of KeyResults dealing with idea generation and visual production principally for use in marketing and advertising.

Creative services at KeyResults start with talented people representing a wide variety of expertise and skills to produce exactly what you need for the target audience whose attention you want to grab. From the written word to compelling motion graphics, or attention getting radio commercials to eye-catching print ads or brochures the KeyResults creative team delivers the goods.

Visual communications includes KeyResults graphic design and layout with superb photography and motion graphics collectively making your company standout and get the message across. No matter what the media we have you covered in Print, Web, Video, Audio, CD-ROM and DVD ROM. From catalogs and brochure collateral, to professional interactive multimedia and tradeshow or high-end executive level presentations.

Got an idea? Meet your art department. Like so many well-known firms, you can rely on KeyResults to bring your idea to life, acting as your right hand man. Projects like new product literature, demonstration videos streamed over the Internet or delivered by CD or DVD ROM are all available to you.

As well as traditional print media, KeyResults offers significant expertise dealing with Internet and website design, and other digital media delivery methods too. In fact Internet development and promotion has been an integral part of our business well before the dot-com boom.

New products? No problem. We handle package design, logos, naming and all the collateral production that your customers need. And if you need help with picking just the right mix of words to speak to your customers, we will handle all of your copy needs too. If we need to do a little research for you our marketing expertise is at your disposal to work through the positioning issues and come up with the best plan tailored for you.

We make a habit of working smart around here and we are always looking for ways to leverage content for maximum return on investment. One of the ways we do this is by capturing and archiving content, such as photos, and text so we can repurpose its use in various media. Capture it once, and use many times according to the job saves you time and money and makes for rapid response for those unplanned opportunities that arise. We are able to handle content for multiple uses because we handle nearly all media forms in-house. Media handled include photos, text, video, audio, and graphic art. In the end this means that art, photography and text all are captured or created once, then archived for use in many otherwise incompatible ways.

Some of the most recognized names in business use KeyResults for their artistic and creative needs. We’d love to show you why. Check out some of the links and look at some of the services our creative team has to offer. Then give us a call today and let’s setup an appointment to discuss your project.

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What’s in a name?

Choosing a name for a new product or service can be a daunting task. Careful thought and a little research go a long way not to mention testing to see how indifferent people respond to the short list of candidates. Consider outsourcing the task to professional like KeyResults and relax.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Too many businesses overlook the value in having a full set of quality hi resolition photos or drawings of their products before delivery. Consider formalizing a procedural step in your company’s workflow to get the photos, video, specifications and drawings together before you rush to deliver the goods. It pays off to do so.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality, or VR, is not just for real estate or car dealers. Offering VR on your website, or on a mail friendly CD-ROM is a great way to let self serving web surfers see your place of business, get trained on a new product, take a look at a new widget, or new location, saving time and travel which just might speed that order to you along much quicker.

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