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Photography Rates

Clients can expect to have a written estimate of fees for all Professional Photography assignments. The following fees are typical rates for your budgetary purposes. These fees apply to all Portrait, Architectural, Product, Corporate Event, and Advertising Photography projects.

Creative Fees: $110.00 hr / $575.00 half day / $1000.00 day

Film: $40.00 per roll 36 exp / 35mm

Digital Handling Fee: $50.00 hr ( 2 hr. ) plus $25.00 hr for each additional hr. Includes 1 med res CD of proofs up to 200 photos

Retouching: $50.00 hr (1 hr min.) typically 2 photos per hr.

Travel: $ mileage / plus $50.00 ea hr of travel time (min 1 hr)

Misc Fees: Expenses for things like models, props, specialized lighting, grips, and other special equipment rental or use fees, as well as hotel and travel will be quoted on a project basis.

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About our equipment:

KeyResults photographers use only the finest professional cameras, meters, lighting and fixtures. Lenses are the finest ED high speed “fast glass” money can buy for fish-eye, super wide, wide and telephoto work. Images are captured with color calibrated cameras, and processed each step of the way with color calibrated post processing scanners, printers and computer software. All of our professional photos are carefully processed with highly specialized computer software to make sure that what you get is even better than what you see. We prefer to capture and archive all images in RAW format, an uncompressed view of what the camera captured and then converted to final TIFF, jpg according to its intended use using dual Xeon workstations with specialized graphics accelerators designed to “crunch” thousands of images per hour with truly amazing results. Our images are suitable for all purposes from web pages to magazines to billboards. Artificial lighting includes both halogen “hot” lights and high-end strobes (flash). We maintain all equipment in-house which is sufficient to service 99 percent of all commercial shoots.

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Photography Pricing, Rates, and Fees

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Photography rates

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Photography prices



Why not use my point and shoot camera?

The short answer is that you can. You just need to be honest with yourself when evaluating the quality of the image. Pros invest thousands of dollars in special lenses and equipment, spending years honing their skills in composition and lighting to set their work apart from amateurs and consumer grade cameras. Why take the chance?

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Too many businesses overlook the value in having a full set of quality high-resolution photos or drawings of their products before delivery. Consider formalizing a procedural step in your company’s workflow to get the photos, video, specifications and drawings together before you rush to deliver the goods. It pays off to do so.

There’s more to a digital photo than megapixels.

Many people believe big megapixels equates to great images. The fact of the matter is that resolution is just one piece of the image quality puzzle. While, its true more resolution is good, the ability to completely control and manipulate light and color, along with high speed distortion free glass used in expensive lenses, is what really counts for crisp striking photos. And that’s just the equipment, there’s also years of experience in framing, perspective, and composition. Many a pro shot 2 MP image has graced billboards.

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