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Houston commercial photographer services offered by KeyResults, Houston, Texas feature the work of several area professional photographers. Let KeyResults capture your subject in the most favorable and pleasing way with the latest pro equipment and techniques and rapidly deliver your perfect set of shots, in the form you want, quickly and hassle free.

Experienced Corporate Photographer

  • Top Equipment & Lighting
  • Responsive and very easy to work with
  • Experience with “difficult” shots and aerial
  • From jewelry to skyscrapers
  • Competitive rates
  • Any thing, any place, any time
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Over the years Houston commercial photographer services clients of KeyResults have had us shooting everything from buildings to politicians with 100 percent satisfaction. Few subjects exist beyond the reach of our collection of lenses. And in advertising, that means people, places and things. Local or remote, studio or location photography services deliver consistently excellent quality.

Complete Professional Photography since 1995

Trust and chemistry means a lot to our customers. Large corporations and small startups alike all depend on us to fulfill their professional photography needs with speed, agility, and expect excellence always. Sometimes deadlines and unavoidable late changes, even Nature, add to the pressures of an already stressful project. It is at these times, you will be glad your using KeyResults.

Rapid Response and Turn-around

We handle remote assignments all the time with spectacular results, often with seemingly impossible deadlines and take great pride that we have always delivered as promised without exception. One of the keys to our success is flawless communication. It is our pledge to you that you’ll never surprise problems because of a lack of communication on our part.

Pro Digital Pioneers

Nearly all of our assignments demand digital images these days, displacing traditional film photography. We are proud to say that KeyResults was an early adopter of digital photography at the professional level beginning in 1998. We embraced related techniques for post production image manipulation and retouching too. Our advertising photography services include expert post production software work if you need it.

Super Accurate Color and…

We make your proofs available to you for inspection in various ways according to your preference. We produce contact sheets, a photographic quality paper with miniature versions of your shots. Also we offer CD-ROM or DVD based delivery, which serves as a great way to deliver the finished photos. Finally, we keep a private website for our customers to log in and inspect or retrieve their images at their leisure. All digital images have accompanying color profiles too so the colors stay accurate. Many times the file size of the finished photos decide the best method of delivery, since high resolution images can get big in a hurry.

Smart and Productive Image Management

We make a habit of working smart around here and we are always looking for ways to leverage content for maximum return on investment. One of the ways we do this is by capturing and archiving content, such as photos, and text so we can re-purpose its use in various media. Capture it once, and use many times according to the job saves you time and money and makes for rapid response for those unplanned opportunities that arise. We are able to handle content for multiple uses because we handle nearly all media forms in-house. Media handled include photos, text, video, audio, and graphic art. In the end this means that art, photography and text get captured or created once, then archived for use in many otherwise incompatible ways.

Serving start-ups to Fortune 100

Some of the most recognized names in business use KeyResults for their artistic and creative needs. We’d love to show you why. Check out some of the links and look at some of the services our creative team has to offer. Then give us a call today and let’s setup an appointment to discuss your project.

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Photography Pricing, Rates, and Fees


Photography pricing



Why not use my point and shoot camera?

The short answer is that you can. You just need to be honest with yourself when evaluating the quality of the image. Pros invest thousands of dollars in special lenses and equipment, spending years honing their skills in composition and lighting to set their work apart from amateurs and consumer grade cameras. Why take the chance?

DIY Tips for taking great advertising photos:

  • Set camera to highest resolution
  • Turn off “digital zoom”
  • Use a tripod
  • the self timer avoids camera movement.
  • Use daylight before 10am or after 4pm
  • Learn to use manual white balance in artificial light
  • Get in close to the subject
  • Be sure the camera is level
  • Shoot an even number of portrait and landscape orientation…Portrait orientation are usually best in Ads.
  • Leave plenty of room around the main subject for text and cropping
  • Compose off-center shots for interest
  • Take lots of pictures…they’re cheap!


Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Too many businesses overlook the value in having a full set of quality high-resolution photos or drawings of their products before delivery. Consider formalizing a procedural step in your company’s workflow to get the photos, video, specifications and drawings together before you rush to deliver the goods. It pays off to do so.

There’s more to a digital photo than megapixels.

Many people believe big megapixels equates to great images. The fact of the matter is that resolution is just one piece of the image quality puzzle. While, its true more resolution is good, the ability to completely control and manipulate light and color, along with high speed distortion free glass used in expensive lenses, is what really counts for crisp striking photos. And that’s just the equipment, there’s also years of experience in framing, perspective, and composition. Many a pro shot 2 MP image has graced billboards.

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