Special Promotions Advertising

Special promotions advertising has been one aspect of KeyResults’ arsenal of services from the very beginning. From the Houston Astros to Fortune 100 corporations and tiny Main Street shops and businesses, we have you covered.

Special Promotions Advertising

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Special promotions advertising services by KeyResults in Houston, Texas draw advantage from the innovative and creative skills of our creative services team. Special promotions get their name because they seek to deliver outside-the-box results using techniques or media that falls outside traditional bounds of day-to-day advertising.

Almost anything goes

What are special promotions advertising? In short, almost anything that we can dream up that effectively reaches your audience and produces the results you seek. It may be as simple as trade-show or customer give items like pens, hats, shirts, or clocks. Or more elaborate such as skywriting, special direct response television offer, or a half-time sports event parachute team using your logo on their chutes. Want more elaborate? Other examples include naming rights to a hospital wing, a university building, an entertainment complex, or stadium. As you can see special promotions advertising covers much territory.

We fit your company like a glove

Each of our customers is different and we easily handle each with professionalism and care. Many smaller clients use KeyResults as their advertising department and depend on us for full-service. Larger companies may have some staff that handles part of the project, like planning, or content deliverables, for example, relying on us to make it happen from there. We’re flexible and easy to work with and you can trust that your job will be done right the first time with our almost bulletproof internal project management methods.

Best technology and methods

Our abilities are substantial and you will enjoy working with your contact manager as we pull together your content for print. Internal expertise encompasses all facets of print advertising including text or copywriting, photography, graphic art, color correction and retouching, overall design and layout. We’ll coordinate to minimize disruption to your business too, using any existing content or fixed branding rules you have in place.

Countless possibilities

When you think about it, the number of ways to get your name, product or service into the minds of your customers is huge. Most ways to advertise do not make sense for most companies. KeyResults has the expertise to help you rationalize a promotion, testing for a match with your company marketing objectives. Once a given promotion passes muster, KeyResults goes to work carrying out your wishes with flawless precision.

The full-service advantage

Most special promotions need competence in many specialties. Needed skills include creative, planning, production, negotiation, testing, and so forth. Being a full-service integrated services firm, KeyResults owns all the skills and talents that you need to handle your ad campaign. You have a true one-stop shop at your side. Your company uses only the services needed if you have internal available expertise relevant to your project.

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