Yellow Pages Advertising

Yellow Pages Advertising

Yellow pages advertising by KeyResults in Houston, Texas guides local businesses to effective use of this still important marketing tool for many types of businesses. While there’s no denying that Internet searches have decreased the general public’s use of the Yellow pages, they remain important for most local service businesses. Also, consider that most of the regional telephone operating companies have integrated the Yellow Pages with the Internet too.

Still Relevant: Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Advertising

As long as your competitors are advertising in the Yellow Pages, you should be there too, because chances are their customers are telling them they found them there. After you have had some time to run Yellow Page ads for a while, you’ll be able to decide the suitable amount of ad dollars to assign to this marketing tool.

Researched Recommendations

KeyResults is in the unique position to research and recommend an ad strategy that’s right for you. This is particularly true if you are taking advantage of our integrated marketing and advertising services. It is important to divvy up your ad dollars intelligently, mixing up the various ways in which you reach new business prospects. That’s what we are here to help you do.

Just The Right Size

If a Yellow Pages ad makes sense for your company, KeyResults’ creative services go to work producing an ad that will get you noticed and effectively communicate the information that your prospects seek most. For many businesses, the size and placement of the ad is important in the minds of the prospective customer. The prospective customer will judge you, right or wrong, based on impression and prominence of the ad. They equate company size and strength with large attractive ads.

Tested Results

You will have comfort knowing why your ad is good, and your response from your ad will tell you that it is working and paying for itself.

We’ll Tie It All Together

If your company needs a fresh new look, some help highlighting new products or services, KeyResults is your best choice for branding. We’re easy to work with and you will find your projects complete on time with hassle-free efficiency. If you need some help with placement or rate negotiation, we are there for you.

Pick up the phone and give us a call or use our handy contact form and tell us about your needs today. You’ll be glad you did.

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Size matters…sometimes

It is a fact that some clients judge a company’s well being relative to others based on the size and quality of their Yellow Page Ad. This particularly holds true for many professional and service-oriented businesses. How are you perceived by your ad?


One of the most powerful concepts we have at our disposal in print ads in contrast. Contrasting colors, large and small text, and blank space combine to set an ad apart.


Testing shows that people favor one ad over another with identical content, but don’t know why. The answer usually can be found in sloppy alignment. Our minds like to see things aligned relative to other things on the printed page. This is an important and often overlooked part of ads created by amateurs who tend to center everything.