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Here are some creative and graphic design examples by KeyResults in Houston, TX.

A small sampling of creative examples of our work at KeyResults.


Catalog Design Example

Postcards / Direct Mail

TFW Direct Mail Postcard


KeyResults Logo Design Example  Logo Design VS  Logo Design Example Beem Outdoors


Brochure Design Example SLR    Brochure Design Example 2 CBB  Brochure Design Example VS


Flyer Design Example Toyota Ctr RocketsFlyer Design Example ACSI


Poster Design Example 1 SB  Poster Design Example 2  Poster Design Example 3 SB

Ads Print

Print Advertisingn Design Example TFW  Print Advertising Example Strong

New product

New Product Marketing Example StrongNew Product Marketing Example RRT

New company

New Company Marketing Example   New Product Marketing VS


CD ROM and DVD Production CD DVD ROM Production


Billboard Ad Design Example VS

Broadcast | Video | Multimedia

Multimedia Interactive Design Example UH

Website / Internet

Website Design Example  Website Design Example TFW

HelicopterServices  BCR Website


Packaging and Label Example Packaging Design Example

Emblems / Medallions

Metal Corporate Medallion  Emblems Medallions Design Example


Insignia DEsign Example SBInsignia Design Example

Trade show booth graphics design

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Since 1976

My how time flies when you’re having fun. Originally formed as Chris Schaefer and Co back in 1976, KeyResults celebrates more than 4 decades.